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How The Fairy Farm Sanctuary Began

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

In 2009, a recently widowed Theresa LaBrecque purchased a 1700s farm in Northwood, New Hampshire that hadn’t been used as a farm for generations. Without an intention to be a farmer, she observed the many large boulders on the property and had a vision of happy goats playing on them. So, on a whim, she found some goats that needed a home and they did indeed play on the rocks.

When a friend pointed out a small colt that needed a home, Theresa took him in. He was 100 pounds underweight, wormy, and lame. A white beauty, Atlas was deemed the farm’s magical unicorn! Theresa cared for him and watched as he grew into the healthy horse he is today.

Then came peacocks, chickens, several roosters, and a turkey named Gob Gob. All needed homes.

The farm has several outbuildings that were in need of repair, and through the generosity of a few community members, barn boards were replaced, doors adjusted, and gates repaired to make the farm a safer place for the animals.

Caring for the animals brought Theresa so much joy and helped to heal her heart from the passing of her beloved husband. One day she had a lightbulb moment to share the magical place that was The Fairy Farm with others so they too could heal from whatever sorrows or difficulties they were walking through in their lives.

She looked out over the pasture and thought: Joy must be shared. So, she opened up The Fairy Farm to the public.

Visitors came and were captivated by the farm and all its energy. Theresa continued to adopt neglected or unwanted dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, parakeets, doves, quails, a tortoise, guinea pigs, and more. The birds live in an aviary within the home and are free to flit to and fro in their environment that has small trees, perches, and areas to nestle. They are so happy, in fact, that they have laid and hatched babies from their eggs. Their songs fill the space they share with some of the farm’s guinea pigs.

The Sanctuary has small gift shop that houses Theresa’s art, books, one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces, felted birds, fairy houses and so much more. All sales from the gift shop support the care of the animals.

In 2022 The Fairy Farm Sanctuary became a nonprofit 501c3 organization!

We are working diligently to improve the old farm to make it the best it can be.

We invite you to stop by and visit The Fairy Farm Sanctuary so that we may share the

joy with you!


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